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JKK Consulting
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Julia K. Kuark

Dr. sc. tech.

Organisational development is a design task, where human factors, technical components, organizational 
framework and business processes need to be addressed for a system to be able to work well. Helping 
you create solutions that balance all these elements is what we do best.   

JKK Consulting offers services in the areas of organisation development, gender management,
diversity management, jobsharing, TopSharing and intercultural competence.

Our clients are organisations from the services sector, technical industries, public management, educational 
and non-profit areas. We work with large corporations and small and medium enterprises SME, public 
institutions and private associations as well as groups and individuals who are interested in their professional 
and personal development.  

In analysis, conceptualization, organizational development, project management, seminars or coaching:
We work together with you to develop solutions that meet your needs. Please get in touch with us !

JKK Consulting

Dr. Julia K. Kuark
Niederlenzer Kirchweg 3
CH-5600 Lenzburg

Tel.: +41 (0)62 558 87 30

JKK Consulting Lenzburg
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