The TopSharing model builds on the understanding of leadership as a partnership: Jobsharing in Top-Positions. It intends to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its utilization in practice. The work organizational model TopSharing gives a framework and guidelines for the practical implementation of jobsharing in executive positions.

The brochure describes the overall potential as well as opportunties and limitations of TopSharing, the principles and the specific design dimensions of the model. The experience that was gained in pilot projects is depicted in three portraits – of a large enterprise in the insurance industry, a medium-sized family owned enterprise, and an organizational unit in the federal government. Worksheets for using the model, notes on contracting and legal issues, a literature list and contact addresses complete the documentation.

Reading the brochure is a first step toward a new design of work-life balance in leadership positions.

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The term TopSharing was coined by Julia Kuark und Hans Ulrich Locher in 1998.

The Modell TopSharing was developed by the author and project leader Dr. Julia K. Kuark, JKK Consulting, from the original idea through the realization and on to successful closure of the project. The preliminary project and the development of the model were carried by the Network Work Society, the transfer-project was carried by the Association AND Family AND Work for Men and Women.

The entire project was financially supported by the Swiss Federal Equality Office in accordance with the equal opportunity legislation.

JKK Consulting has coached a great number of organizations with the development of jobsharing solutions and continues to offer Consulting & Coaching services.

Dr. sc. techn. Julia K. Kuark studied mechanical engineering at Stanford University, California. She got her doctorate from the Institute for Work Psychology at the Swiss Federal Institution of Technology ETH Zürich, Switzerland. She heads JKK Consulting and works as an organizational consultant in the areas of flexible working models, integrating women in leadership positions, intercultural competence and coaching. She lectures on qualitative methodology, project management, didactic skills, social skills and gender management and has published a great number of articles. Throughout her work she builds bridges - between humans and technology, between men and women, and between science and practice.

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