Innovative Solutions with Jobsharing and <em>TopSharing</em>

Innovative Solutions with Jobsharing and TopSharing

Teamwork at the Top:TopSharing is jobsharing in leadership positions with an explicitly defined section of shared responsibility. The work organizational model TopSharing serves as a planning instrument for the implementation of jobsharing in management positions as well as for other highly qualified jobs. Experience in pilot organizations demonstrated that the TopSharing Modell is both practical and helpful. An overview of the design dimensions offers guidelines that can be worked with as a checklist. The external evaluation that was conducted by the Institute for Economic Research of the ETH in Zürich classified the development and realization of the TopSharing model as being "very successful" and the effect of TopSharing in the pilot organizations as being "positive overall"

Furthermore, the TopSharing model can be used as an instrument for continual reflexion and team develoment. The heart of the model is a process oriented approach which anchors the development of a common understanding of leadership through dialogue. In this way, existing potential for both the organization as well as for the team members can be identified and utilized.

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The TopSharing model is described in the brochure(available in German only). JKK Consulting offers Consulting and Coaching Services as well as Presentations and Seminars on a number of issues:
  • Flexible Working Models and New Ways to Work

  • Part-time Work

  • Jobsharing

  • TopSharing

  • Diversity Management

  • Gender Management



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